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Frequently Asked 8 Questions

Question 01: How can I understand about a Modular Kitchen much better?
Answer 01: Modular Kitchen is a term used for the modern kitchen furniture layout. This kitchen consists of modules of cabinets which hold the accessories inside. These cabinets are made of diversified materials. The units which are kept on the floor are called "floor units" or "floor cabinets". On top of this a kitchen worktop is laid for creating space for varied activities in a kitchen. This worktop is made of granite, marble, wood or synthetic material. The units which are held on the wall for storage purposes are termed as "wall units" or "wall cabinets". This kitchen facilitates the effective usage of the spaces in a kitchen.

Question 02: How can I be benefitted after installing a modular kitchen?
Answer 02: Modular kitchen is very important today to cope up with the fast paced lifestyle. Modular kitchen makes the cooking task easier and enjoyable. It is necessary to have it as it saves your time in kitchen which indirectly helps you to spend some quality time with your family. It helps you as you can make the best use of the kitchen space available to you. These kitchens are much organized and an organized kitchen will always make your job hassle free. Another reason is that these kitchens are very easy to maintain and clean therefore make your life simpler and get a modular kitchen.

Question 03: How can I go ahead with the designing of my desired kitchen?
Answer 03: Normally, the designer, designs the space using modules of standardized/customized sizes to suit individual spaces. Space planning should be in conjunction with your family requirements, life style, food habits, cooking style, time spent in kitchen and budget. These are few important points which one should always consider before planning and designing their modular kitchen. The increased functionality is important aspect of the kitchen layout and design. You should also keep in mind the kitchen work triangle which is all about the right placement of cook top, sink and fridge.

Question 04: Branded Kitchen or a Locally Made Kitchen - Which one should I ultimately go with?
Answer 04: Branded kitchen provides better space management and design expertise, along with world class kitchen solutions. These solutions transform the kitchen into a trendy, stylish, vibrant space for a great kitchen experience. They provide an unmatched variety of high quality material and finishes to choose from like: membrane, laminate, UV coated polymer, solid wood, aluminum, glass etc. to suit the Indian work style and design preferences. These branded companies not only offer easy replacements but also provides a regular service contract which ensures that the kitchen remains in perfect working condition. The conventional carpenter made kitchen are made at home and therefore gives us an opportunity to see the minute details while it's made.

Question 05: How much I need to spend upon setting up a modular kitchen?
Answer 05: The costing of a modular kitchen is based upon different elements like space, quality of accessories used, appliances, shape, shutters, cabinets, etc. Brands like Haffale, Hettich, Kaff, etc. cost highly due to their ready to install goods, brand name and quality they are offering. However local brands like 304 SS grade steel accessories like Saphire, Zinc, etc. cost half than the branded ones. Before spending the amount, it is essential to take a note of every element in the modular kitchen. Allocation of budget plays a vital role in developing and setting up a modular kitchen. A complete modular kitchen can be set up in INR 60000 - 70,000 but the extremes of the costing can be into lakhs as well.

Question 06: By when can I expect my modular kitchen ready?
Answer 06: Building of a modular kitchen is a long process where designers come to design, measurements are taken, and remodeling is done. The duration to get a fully functional modular kitchen from bare shell depends on the size of the space, finalization of design, material and finishes. However maximum time from complete design and material finalization is ten to fifteen days. If the time taken in designing goes on for a longer period then the time to deliver the kitchen may also increase.

Question 07: How should I maintain my modular kitchen on a regular basis?
Answer 07: Always clean the furniture with a soft dry cloth. Moisten it while cleaning worktop & tiles. Clean the shutters immediately for any spill over of food items. Regularly check the drawer and shutter movement. In case of an unusual noise or obstruction in the movement, please call the Customer Care Executive of the respective company. Always keep the sink area dry and clean. In case of any oil residues, use a soft cloth with mild detergent and lukewarm water. Do not scrub any of the surfaces with a sharp object as it can damage their finish. Do not lean over or hang onto the open shutters & drawers, in the kitchen. Do not overload the cabinets or store in over sized objects.

Question: 08: Why do we need a hob, chimney, sink and other appliances?
Answer 08: Appliances in a modular kitchen are as important as the kitchen itself. Out of all sinks are the most important accessories. It is a known fact that no kitchen is complete without a sink. Secondly chimneys are very important as exhaust fans cannot purify the air in the kitchen. Chimneys are located just above the cooking hob hence all smoke; oil vapors, dust particles and carbon get sucked into it. The appliances aid in giving a substance to the modular kitchen. It enables the kitchen to give out a complete look to the viewers.
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