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Hardware & Fittings

With modular kitchen hardware and fittings, the kitchen decor gets thumbs up. These functional products if chosen carefully serve as decor enhancers for the kitchen. Such is their look and appearance that they score high in functionality as well as aesthetics. They are essential that brighten up the kitchens instantly. Home owners can transform the look of their kitchen with these tiny items available in the market. When it comes to choice of hardware and fittings for modular kitchen, both price and quality play an important role. It is necessary that home owners pay more attention to the quality as low-priced ones might be of average quality.

If the cabinets and units in the modular kitchen comprise hinges that are easily visible from the outside, then planners should select such knobs that match the theme, colour and style. Many of the knobs for the drawers and cupboards are available in a range of finishes that match the look of the hinges. It is imperative that kitchen hardware and fittings are selected from experienced brands that deal in quality products. Hole plugs, microwave stands, cabinet connectors, knobs, pulls and hinges are some of the common ones.

Home owners can choose between different styles for the hardware and fittings. While some prefer the good old traditional look, others choose the contemporary finishes or the transitional ones. Traditional designs are quite popular for knobs and pulls if the set-up is authentic and raw. Contemporary designs feature sharp angles, sleek lines, modern finishes and minimalist features. Many home owners choose the entire kitchen of the same brand and this will add on to the cost of the set-up. If a planner is engaged to help design the kitchen, the professional will help choose different brands to not only bring down the price but also enhance the appearance.

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