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Manufacturing Process

Modular Kitchen is a niche industry which is slowly but definitely picking up demand from several corners of the world. It is a strategic method of positioning the key appliances of a kitchen in a manner that promotes productivity. Unlike the conventional method, this approach allows the user to include the design, colour and hardware according to his or her needs. Hence inclusion of any unnecessary tool or furniture is avoided. It keeps the kitchen simple yet highly effective by optimally using the space and accessories.

A modular kitchen includes various appliances such as chimney, sink, shutter, cabinets, shelves, trolley, dishwasher, drawers, pantry, corner storage system, counter tops, hobs, refrigerator and microwave oven. Joinery fittings such as backlash profile, hinges, knobs, handles and drawer slides also form essential part of a modular kitchen. Depending upon the needs of the user, he or she may include all or few of these to make a complete, useful and exclusive modular kitchen design for their homes. These appliances may be designed in steel, brass, copper, granite, marble, glass or wood. Few of these materials may be slightly more expensive than the rest. But what should primarily be a concern for the buyer is the quality of the material. A high quality product will ensure that the kitchen appliance or furniture remains free from termites, water leakage, rust and warp. In the long run one can expect these high quality products to put a curb on the maintenance cost and instead make way for internal savings!

A modular kitchen can be designed seeking assistance from a local carpenter or a brand. Each comes with its own set of benefits. While on one hand the carpenter made modular kitchen can be customized in all possible ways, the branded design offers more variety and higher quality. The buyer needs to first enlist all the necessary items required in the kitchen and accordingly plan a design to accommodate the items. Depending upon his choice, he may approach a brand or a local carpenter. He needs to explain all the details -even the minute ones to get a perfect modular kitchen design. There has to be complete clarity between the buyer and the manufacturer on the available space, kitchen design, brand preference (if any), choice of colour and pattern, type and number of appliances along with the limit on the investment to be made. Once this is clear to the manufacturer, the latter may place a design order.

Few modular kitchen designs may consume a couple of days to fortnight and others may require many months. Depending upon the specifications of the buyer, once the appliances and the design is in place, it is all delivered at the buyer's residence for installation. Besides the planning and execution of this design, it is highly recommended that the buyer follows all the measures to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. It is only when a kitchen is well-maintained that it will help reap other benefits such as hygiene, elegance, efficiency and beauty.
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