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Modular Kitchen Price in Kochi

A modular kitchen heavily relies on a set of factors for its cost and budget matters. It is not a concept that is too expensive or cheap but can be too lavish or too simple depending on the following factors:
- Brand preference
- Choice of design and colour
- Type, quality and quantity of appliances
- Frequency of kitchen use
- Available space

On a general note, a simple modular kitchen may cost Rs 50,000 approximately while those with more features and aspects may even run into lakhs of rupees.

Brand preference
A branded design from Sleek, Hettich, IFB, Godrej Interio or Kutchina may prove to be a comparatively expensive choice in comparison with a design that is tailored with the assistance of a local carpenter.

Modular kitchens are available in various designs such as Island type, U-shaped design, C-shaped style, L-shaped design, G-shaped pattern, straight wall design or parallel counters style. While straight wall design and parallel counters design may be less expensive, an Island type of design may prove to be more expensive.

Type and Quality of Appliances
Appliances such as sink, shutter, shelves, trolleys and drawers can be made out of an expensive material like wood, granite or inexpensive marble and steel. The choice in this case can have a huge impact on the cost of the modular kitchen.

With a higher use in the kitchen, it is important to use high quality products which come with a costly price tag.

Available space
A limited place will mean smaller room for creativity and hence simple design. This will result in smaller budget. But with a large space available in the kitchen, one can, if he is willing to, experiment with various designs which may be extravagant, lavish and exquisite. This will definitely mean a slightly high budget compared to the simple designs.
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