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Modular Kitchen Shutters

The plain old cabinets in the kitchens have gone chic and trendy with the modular kitchen shutters. Add a splash of colours to the modest kitchen set-up by introducing them with colourful and fashionable shutters that are available in a variety of designs. Home owners can experiment with materials to make their decor happening.

Solid Wood

Solid Wood Shutters, Kochi
Lend an authentic appeal to the modular kitchen with solid wood shutters. Try different types of woods available and blend them with colours and textures to get an excellent feel. For years, solid wood materials have been preferred by home owners. All those who desire to pass on their kitchens to the younger generation need to maintain the looks of the kitchen. This is possible by making use of solid wood interiors. They are not only easy to maintain, but also simple to clean too. People in India prefer locally available wood for the shutters for a number of reasons.

PU Coated

PU Coated Shutters, Kochi
Polyurethane coated shutters have made a niche for themselves in the kitchen interiors. Home owners are readily giving their affirmation to PU coated shutters for various reasons. Due to PU coating on the shutters, they become easy and simple to maintain. If PU coating is applied on the cabinetry, it lends a high gloss look to the exteriors. Enhanced with performance characteristics, PU coated shutters do not wear and tear easily. While offering a smooth and durable finish, these shutters are not influenced by corrosion, chemical exposure or even abrasion. This makes them a perfect option for modular kitchen shutters.


Membrane Shutters, Kochi
Membrane is an efficient technology to transfer the chosen designs by the home owners on the shutters. Being light weight, the material is ideal to be used for modular kitchen shutters that are used frequently throughout the preparation of meals. Membrane shutters are resistant to moisture as well as corrosion, the main enemies of the kitchen interiors. They are flame retardant and are not influenced by their proximity to hob or cook-top. Home owners with limited budget available for shutters use membrane shutters as they are an economic option. Membrane shutters last for longer periods as they are highly durable.


Floral Shutters, Kochi
With the introduction of floral designs in the modular kitchens, home owners have many reasons to rejoice. No longer, home owners will have to compromise with geometric prints on the modular kitchen shutters. They can readily opt for nature inspired floral designs that are available in a number of colours, textures, prints and designs. People have been choosing floral prints for their kitchens is because other prints are not that inspiring. Further, people do not get bored with floral prints for years together. Home owners have the option to choose between minimalistic designs or the big floral prints for the shutters.


Acrylic Shutters, Kochi
Acrylic is such a material that it unites strength with beauty. A first choice of many home owners, acrylic has replaced glass in the modular kitchens, owing to its properties. Home owners with limited budget allocation for the kitchen shutters can choose acrylic. Further, as it is not brittle like glass, it lasts for longer periods without any damages to the kitchen shutters. As compared to other types of plastic, acrylics stands the test of time. Acrylic does not yellow and maintains its original look for many years. An ideal solution for modular kitchen, acrylic is being preferred for its strength, durability and versatility.


Laminates Shutters, Kochi
Around the world, home owners have been replacing natural materials with laminate for their furniture, especially for modular kitchen. Laminate is strong and hence, it is pressure, shock and impact resistant. It is not influenced by scratches or abrasion at all, due to its hard surface finish. Being durable, laminates maintain the beautiful look of the modular kitchen shutters for many years. Generally laminates are flame resistant and heat proof, ideal properties for kitchen furniture. If properly maintained, laminate shutters do not fade away and emit a natural look. They are easy to install and hence, a perfect option for modular kitchen.
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